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This is how the new iPhone 14 Pro could look



how the new iPhone 14 Pro could look

Leaks say Apple is working on some significant changes for its next-generation iPhones and taking a few risks, which is what we know. In addition, we now know that the iPhone 14 Pro models will have a small but nice form change.

Apple plans to make the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max “much more curved” than the iPhone 13 Pro models, a well-known rendering artist says (via AppleTrak). Furthermore, the shape change is a workaround for an iPhone problem that isn’t obvious at first but is hard to miss when it is.

Zelbo says that the design of the iPhone 13 Pro is a little weird. “In this picture, the camera bump has a different diameter than what is found on the corners of a phone (obviously, an odd decision for a company like Apple, who is known for their cohesiveness)… Apple has made the sides of the iPhone 14 Pro a lot softer, which finally solves the weird look of the iPhone 13 Pro.”

However, Zelbo points out that the screen’s corners are also more curved than before. In addition, he explains why Apple did this: “If Apple kept the same radius as the iPhone 13 Pro, it would make the phone look a little shaky,” he says.

After looking at leaked iPhone 14 Pro schematics, Zelbo said that, based on other leaked iPhone 14 schematics, the non-Pro versions would not have the same design changes. Why? Because they’re still using technology from last year, just like they’re still using a chip from last year.

The iPhone 14 has a dirty little secret. The functionality and look of the iPhone 14 Pro versions will be revolutionary (including the removal of the notch), whilst the iPhone 14 and new iPhone 14 Max are essentially the iPhone 13 with slightly more RAM.