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The next game from Pokémon developers will be named Pand Land



The next game from Pokémon developers will be named Pand Land

Prepare to dive into a thrilling new digital adventure with the creators of Pokémon‘s latest game, Pan Land. Picture exploring bamboo forests, climbing snowy mountains, or swimming in peaceful lakes while meeting mythical creatures. 

Welcome to Pan Land, a game full of charm and excitement. This new game from the Pokémon team is set to revolutionize interactive gaming.

Unveiling Pand Land

Game Freak, famous for creating Pokemon, makes engaging stories. This is true for Pand Land, a game that’s part of the video game world. 

Game Freak surprises us with a new game. Gamers are looking forward to the new Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch.

Project Bloom: A Prelude

Game Freak secretly developed a new game called Project Bloom before they announced Pand Land. We only know a little about it, but it’s an action-adventure game with a fantasy nature theme. 

Interestingly, it won’t only be available on Nintendo, suggesting it will be on other gaming platforms.

The Enigmatic Project Bloom

Game Freak has kept Project Bloom’s details a secret, only sharing one picture with gamers. This secrecy has made fans more excited and curious about the project. 

Private Division publishes Project Bloom, a change from the company’s usual partnerships.

A Glimpse into Pand Land

The project, now called Pand Land, has become more secretive. We don’t know much, but we do know some important things. 

Pand Land is an action-adventure game, just like the old one, but it focuses on fantasy. The change from Project Bloom to Pand Land shows a significant shift in how the game is made.

Game Freak’s Legacy of Original Titles

Let’s first recognize Game Freak’s past success in creating new and exciting games. They made Tembo the Badass Elephant, an action game, and HarmoKnight, a fun music game. 

These games show that Game Freak can make exciting and different games, not just Pokemon ones.

The Challenge Ahead

Game Freak’s new project, Pand Land, is their first big venture outside Pokemon. Their last non-Pokemon game, Little Town Hero, had mixed reactions. 

But Pand Land could boost Game Freak’s reputation in the gaming world. Despite having a more minor team, being free from Nintendo’s hardware restrictions could result in a beautiful, high-quality game.


Game Freak’s shift from Project Bloom to Pand Land is a big step. The excitement for this new game, along with the studio’s record of making unique games, makes Pand Land a game to keep an eye on. 

We’re all waiting for more information, and Game Freak’s move into new areas could create something unique. Right now, gamers are waiting and ready to start a new journey in the fun world of Pand Land.