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The Halo Infinite battle royale spin-off embarks on The Great Journey



The Halo Infinite battle royale spin-off embarks on The Great Journey

Get ready to plunge into a thrilling adventure that pairs the familiar adrenaline rush and immersive landscapes we’ve come to love with unpredictable combat scenarios that will keep you on your toes like never before. 

With this new spin-off, the Halo franchise is set for a ground-breaking transformation where every gamer’s survival instinct will be put to the ultimate test.

The Genesis of Project Tanaka

Particular Affinity created Project Tanaka, a battle royale game for Xbox and PC. It was built using Unreal Engine 5, unlike Halo Infinite’s Slipspace Engine. 

They decided to use existing resources but completely redesigned the gameplay mechanics.

Unveiling the Deviation

Famous Xbox Era host Nick Baker shares a significant change in Project Tanaka’s future. Particular Affinity, the team creating it, has reportedly decided to stop the project. 

Now, they’re focusing on making new maps for the primary Halo Infinite multiplayer mode, something they’ve been good at since Halo 4. Baker says the battle royale idea grew considerably during development, becoming more than its original free-to-play model. 

This change suggests problems during the game’s development and makes us wonder if the gaming world wants more battle royale experiences.

The Battle Royale Landscape

The cancellation of Project Tanaka happened as the battle royale game genre became more complicated. Popular games like Fortnite and Warzone still rule, but new games need help attracting players. 

Even well-known games like Apex Legends need help to keep players. Halo Infinite was initially criticized for not having a battle royale mode. 

But, with the launch of Halo Infinite Season 5, the game has dramatically improved. Plenty of maps, wide-ranging armor customization, and the top-notch Forge mode have enhanced the game, easing initial worries.

The Future of Halo Infinite

Project Tanaka’s cancellation is a disappointment, but Halo Infinite is doing well. The developer, 343 Industries, is dedicated to improving the game and ensuring its success. 

Rumors are that a new Halo sequel is being developed, which is excellent news for Xbox’s leading franchise. However, fans must be patient because the sequel will likely take several years.


The cancellation of the Halo Infinite battle royale spin-off, Project Tanaka, tells a story of struggles, changes, and finally, a change in direction. Gamers who were once looking forward to a new battle royale game are now focusing on the ongoing improvement of the primary Halo Infinite multiplayer mode. 

As the gaming world changes, so does the future of the famous Halo series.


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