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The Best Monsoon Vacation Spots in India: 4 Locations



The Best Monsoon Vacation Spots in India

The Best Monsoon Vacation Spots in India: E monsoon season has here, and with it, our eagerness to take in the varied flora and animals. Some places in the nation that you may not be able to appreciate during other seasons take on a whole new brightness during the rainy season.

So let’s look at a few locations you may go to experience the monsoon weather:

Coast of Konkan

Monsoon season is when the Western Ghats come to life and are a must-see. A beautiful stretch of the coast may see going south from Mumbai to Goa.

Be prepared to snap photos of fishing towns, picture-perfect beaches, and magnificently decrepit forts. It is the ideal time to take summer holidays without the oppressive heat.

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Internet users Amuse by the “Spectacular View” in the Popular Image of the Harwada Railway Station in Karnataka.
Gujarat and Mumbai Rains ACTUAL Updates: Waterlogging in Rajkot Following Heavy Showers; 7 NDRF Teams Deployed in Kutchh and Surat.

Try this foggy hill town in the Palani Hills, 120 km northwest of Madurai, if you don’t want the stereotypical Ooty holiday. Compared to Ooty, this place is more secluded and private.

Kodaikanal is widely recognized for its lush surroundings, temperate climate, and leisurely pace typical of a hill resort. Additionally, you could see evergreen broadleaf trees, including rhododendrons, myrtles, mahogany, and magnolias.

The SPITI Valley

Visit the Spiti valley, which is now accessible to travelers throughout the year owing to the Atal tunnel, if playing in the snow and photographing the Himalayan splendor are more important to you.

Spiti won’t feel like the monsoon, so come ready with some sturdy winter apparel. The monasteries and lakes in Himachal Pradesh’s most northern region make for an Instagram-worthy scene.


Due to snowfall, this place is closed most of the year and only welcomes visitors during the monsoon season. During this time of year, a distinctive array of flowers blossom in the Uttarakhand valley.

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