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How to Take Screenshots in Final Fantasy XIV



Take Screenshots in Final Fantasy XIV

Take Screenshots in Final Fantasy XIV: Final Fantasy XIV takes the cake for the largest MMOs in the world. The game’s popularity hasn’t waned despite its almost 12 years of material under its belt.

When it comes to showing off your clothes or snapping photos, capturing a screenshot is the best option. So what’s the deal with that? Find out with this easy-to-follow tutorial.

How to Capture Screenshots in Final Fantasy XIV

Thanks to the game’s picture feature, taking screenshots in Final Fantasy XIV is a breeze. It’s known as Group Posing, and it lets you create gorgeous screenshots in-game.

Type “/pose” into the conversation to start Group Pose. The picture mode in Final Fantasy XIV may be accessed by typing this command into chat.

You may apply various camera adjustments, filters, and effects to both your avatar and the scene around you from there.

The following are some of the things you can perform in picture mode. In addition, you may have your character gaze at the camera by pressing the spacebar.

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You can move the camera around, modify the depth of view, add lighting to the environment, and apply status effects like Deep Freeze and Fire to your character. You may also eliminate any NPC figures in the backdrop for portrait pictures, enabling you to stand alone in the universe.

If you want to take a screenshot, you’ll have to utilize your console’s or computer’s external screenshot capability. For example, Shift+Windows+S on Windows will enable you to screenshot a window or frame; Shift+Command+3 on Mac will do the same.

On both systems, you may also utilize the Print Screen key. In addition, you may save a screenshot of your game using the share button on PlayStation.

Taking screenshots in Final Fantasy XIV is a great way to show off your character and keep track of your actions.

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