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Streamer of Destiny 2 Vendetta solos the Caretaker raid boss



Streamer of Destiny 2 Vendetta solos the Caretaker raid boss:  In Destiny 2, the essential part of the game is its raids. People try to complete them in different, more challenging ways just to be able to show off. Because charges are always based on six-player fireteams and have puzzles. That can be solved by up to six people simultaneously, soloing an encounter or a boss fight is awe-inspiring.

You can now meet Vendetta, a popular Destiny 2 streamer on Twitch who just beat a boss in the game all by himself. This includes completing the different mechanics and killing the vast Darkness-wielding boss himself.

If you tried to play the game’s Witch Queen DLC raid, you’d already know that symbols and callouts from Destiny 2’s Vow of the Disciple are essential for getting through the game. People who play the Caretaker game have to run through the maze to find the symbols they need to interact with to open the boss up and take damage. Another team of players needs to keep the Caretaker busy by making sure he doesn’t run up the stairs too quickly, which leads to an early wipe. He did all of these things on his own, though.

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Vendetta did the whole thing in less than three hours. It’s not something anyone else could do, and it took a long time. As soon as you start playing Destiny 2, you won’t be able to match Vendetta’s skill and build crafting abilities. When you have to balance several different puzzle mechanics simultaneously, it was the hardest thing to do of all.

In Vow of the Disciple, there is only one mid-raid boss. He isn’t even the most challenging part of the whole thing. Destiny 2 Vow of the Disciple tips and tricks from other players. Who have played the game before would be a good idea. Most people should try to clear this raid with an entire fireteam of players. As far as Destiny 2 raids go, this one breaks a few rules, especially with the last boss, Hulk.

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Practice will help anyone reach Vendetta’s skill level in the long run. Vow of the Disciple isn’t unfair, but it can be difficult at first. Late in March, for example, a group of people who cannot speak the same way as everyone else completed the Witch Queen raid in Destiny 2 by looking at each other instead of talking. Bungie makes a point of designing attacks that are easier to play than they look at first. This isn’t true for solo boss fights, though.

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