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How to Stop the Train in GTA 5?



Stop the Train in GTA 5

Stop the Train in GTA 5:  Exploring the vast, open landscape that is GTA 5  is an experience unlike any other. You’re in complete control over the sprawling Los Santos playground, doing anything you’d like. 

There’s one minor obstacle for those serious about their game, but that’s the high-speed train that runs through the Mount Chiliad region.

 Like everything else, GTA players only have one goal in mind to stop it from its tracks. Here’s how you can stop it once and for all.

The Best Way to End The Train in GTA 5

Simply put, a train can’t slow down in GTA 5. Whatever obstacles you place on its path or the number of missiles you throw at it, the train will continue to move. 

Therefore stopping the train is one of the most significant and untrue myths of the GTA 5community.

A simple Google search on YouTube will show reams of numerous creators doing whatever they can to stop trains.

 This includes shooting missiles home in, shooting down the driver, or even clogging the tunnel by bringing in buses. But in all of those scenarios, the train will keep along its path. 

The closest you’ll get close to stopping it is to cause some dropped frames in the event of too much screen chaos as the train is approaching.

The only time the train is ever stopped within GTA five is when it is on an adventure mission. 

If Lumberjacks abduct Trevor into the mountain range, players must play as Franklin to rescue him. One of the missions’ objectives is to stop the train from moving, which is accomplished with sticky explosives before the detonation of the explosives. 

But that’s one of the elements in an unforced story and cannot do in Sandbox mode. Therefore, although it technically can stop at some moment during the GTA5 game, it’s a highly scripted piece of the set.

Thus, the legend that you can stop from the GTA 5 train will likely persist for many years. It’s hard to prevent it from its tracks, and the players are likely to continue trying.

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