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Spotify is Planning to Suspend Its Services in Russia



Spotify is Planning to Suspend Its Services in Russia

Spotify is Planning to Suspend Its Services in Russia. 

Spotify’s streaming services will be unavailable in Russia due to the country’s new limits on free speech.

The Russian parliament passed a new law in early March that makes it illegal to share “false information” regarding Russia’s operations in Ukraine, according to the administration. 

The new rules also punish any speech that criticizes the military, such as using the word “war” to describe the conflict in Ukraine.

In response to the bill, which carries a maximum term of 15 years in prison, Western news organizations such as CNN, ABC, and the BBC suspended their broadcasts and operations in Russia. 

While Spotify is best known for its music, the business is increasingly investing in podcasts that cover politics and current events, which has already landed it in a slew of lawsuits.

“Spotify continues to feel that keeping our service functioning in Russia is crucial to providing credible, independent news and information in the region,” a Spotify representative told TechCrunch.” 

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Unfortunately, recently enacted laws restricting access to information, curtailing free expression, and criminalizing some forms of news puts Spotify’s staff and our listeners’ safety at risk.”

After reviewing various options, Spotify decided to “completely suspend” its service in Russia. They will complete this process by early April once the business wraps up logistics linked to the transfer. 

Premium subscriptions to Spotify were already suspended in Russia, but the service’s free version remained available.

As the rest of the world watches in horror, the Kremlin tightens its hold on information, wrongly portraying its recent acts as a liberation endeavor rather than a horrific war of choice that has claimed civilian lives. 

This campaign and the legal repercussions that have accompanied it constitute a major threat to anyone in the country who holds a viewpoint on the invasion that differs from that of the Russian government.

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