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Spider-Man Remastered PC trailer



Spider-Man Remastered PC trailer

Spider-Man Remastered PC trailer: One of the most adored PlayStation exclusives, Marvel’s Spider-Man, has now shown a teaser teasing some of the PC features that will include in the remastered version. For PC users, the game will reappear on August 12th, 2022.

Here is the official statement and teaser from PlayStation’s Twitter account. Along with a reminder that pre-orders will be open as of right now:

With the announcement that Spider-Man: No Way Home would return to cinemas with more material and the ongoing buzz around the highly anticipated sequel Spider-Man: Across the Universe, Spider-popularity Man has continued to soar.

New York swinging and quick helicopter action open the new trailer. However, a long blog has detailed some finer aspects despite some general references.

Breakdown of Spider-PC Man’s Features

Fans will first and foremost like the upgraded visuals. The game will have ray-traced reflections, which provide even more depth.

To improve picture quality and frame rates, NVIDIA has implemented Deep Learning Super Sampling, an AI-based anti-aliasing option for fans with extra GPU, and a unique output resolution for multi-monitor setups.

With “SSAO, texture filtering, LoD quality, shadows, and more,” players can alter how their rendering looks. Marvel’s Spider-Man, a PlayStation-exclusive, will be one of several new games that work with DualSense PlayStation Controllers.

Even independent exclusives like Rollderdrome are included in this.
Players of Marvel’s Spider-Man will be able to change the controls and accessibility features.

Both the Epic Games Store and Steam will provide achievements and cloud saves.
Fans who pre-order the game will get three distinct suits early access, a Spider-Drone combat device, and five priceless skill points.

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