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Sojourn Weapon and Abilities Guide in The Overwatch.



Sojourn Weapon and Abilities Guide

Sojourn Weapon and Abilities Guide:  Sojourn is a speedy hero on Overwatch 2 but can be challenging to master, so many players seek an instruction manual. She’s a damage-focused hero, an excellent choice for short and long ranges. 

However, her capabilities can shine when she is mid-distance. So regardless of whether you’re just beginning or already have played her, this guide will help you discover how to use her to your advantage in Overwatch 2.

Ultimate Sojourn guide to Overwatch 2

In this guide to Sojourn, we will discover all about her. For starters, these are what you need to be aware of about her.

  • Sojourn Weapon and Abilities
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • How do you use her

Let’s look them up to see if they are all.

Sojourn Weapons and Abilities A Beginner’s Guide Overwatch 2

  • Weapon
    • She has a Railgun that shoots projectiles as her classic hit. Her alternate fire makes Use of charged shots. You can earn these shots charged when you hit enemies with your primary gun. Everybody shot that connects to your Railgun with five charges.
  • When you fully charge your gun, the gun that you charge is:
      • Body injury: 130
    • Headshot damage: 260
    • The best part is that this gun isn’t damaged by falloff.
  • Abilities
    • Disruptor Shot Sojourn launches an energy ball of a tiny size that, when hit, can cover quite an extensive range. It also slows down enemies in the zone.
    • Power Slide Sojourn does a slide you can alter to become high-jumping.
    • Overclock If Sojourn utilizes her most powerful Overclock, her Railgun will charge itself automatically for a brief time. The shots can also use to pierce the enemies.


  • She’s a highly agile person, which allows her great mobility. Therefore, she is an ideal choice for active players. Her mobility is helpful when you wish to attack your opponent from a distance.
  • Her weapons and skills permit her to be a spammer. However, the problem is that the hits must connect.
  • The ultimate compliment she can give is gunplay, and therefore if you’re confident in your gunplay, you can get the most of her greatest.
  • She is a highly entertaining character. It’s a bit personal, and however, if you are a fan of fast-paced action, you’ll enjoy the character to death.


  • There is no self-healing. This could be a problem because it requires players to discover the locations of health packs on the map. Additionally, you could count on your helpers to help you heal.
  • Her mobility could be an issue at times. I’m sure that was her strength, but If your goal isn’t consistent, this may cause problems.
  • Your shooting technique must be effective. Charged shots work best when you can link your attacks, and then they can use to take out opponents. Although all that is great, it’s all no good if you’re unable to strike your foes. As much as carrying is easy when she is around, she can be a burden for your teammates. It’s not saying that you won’t be able to be a good fit. However, if you’re not comfortable with her style of play, she could be immensely more complicated.

How to Make Use of the game Sojourn Overwatch 2

  • There are two things you should know about her. They are the best times and ways to use a disruptor shot and power slide.
  • Power slide is an excellent capability that allows you to get to the enemy and then escape them. A crucial aspect of this skill is the high jump, as it helps you out of tricky situations.
  • As mentioned above, as explained above, the Disruptor Shot reduces the speed of the enemy and deals them harm. Therefore, the ideal time to utilize it is when the entire enemy team is close. It is also a good idea to use it when several of them are in a group. It is possible to use it to spam your attacks to charge your Railgun rapidly and then begin firing charged shots.
  • Then finally, for her final point that is easy to understand for effective Use, you must focus on improving your goal and time.

This is all you need to know about how to play Sojourn within Overwatch 2. You should now have no difficulty with her abilities. Just learn to use her, and you’ll begin to lead your team with ease. 

If Sojourn did not work for you, you can check out the overwatch 2 hero tier list to find out more about other characters you could want to try.

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