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Snap Pixy, a $230 pocket-sized drone, is unveiled



Snap Pixy, a $230 pocket-sized drone, is unveiled

On Thursday, Snap said that it would roll out new features that would make it easier for brands to make augmented reality shopping experiences on its Snapchat app and a camera that could fly.

Camera: Pixy is a small, pocket-sized device that can fly a few feet above its owner and take photos and videos before landing in the palm of its owner’s hand. This is part of a new push by the company to grow its hardware business. Snap said that people in the United States and France would be able to buy Pixy for $230.

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Partner Summit: “Back to Reality.” This is because Snap has been very focused on AR, a type of technology that adds computerized images to photos, videos, or the real world.

We think there is much room to make tools that connect to what we see in front of us. In an interview, Bobby Murphy, Snap’s co-founder and chief technology officer, said.

Snap will start giving AR developers a lot of free services, like data storage. Until now, photo filters and lenses had to be simple and small in file size so they could be quickly added to the app. This is because the app doesn’t have a lot of space. Users will be able to have more complex AR experiences if they have more storage, Murphy said.

Among other things, an augmented reality garden would be able to show more flowers and plants in 3D, he said.

A new feature called “Dress Up” will also be added to Snapchat. Users can choose from AR shopping filters that let them virtually try on clothes and accessories.

More than 600 million people around the world use Snapchat every month. That’s up from 500 million last year.

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