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Slidable and Multi-Rollable Phone Prototypes from Samsung



Slidable and Multi-Rollable Phone Prototypes from Samsung

While Samsung is preparing to introduce its next-generation foldable smartphones, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4, the Korean company recently demonstrated its flexible OLED display prototypes at the SID 2022 Display Week event. 

Many sorts of foldable, rollable, and other types of screens are included, implying that a rollable smartphone might be released soon. So, let’s take a deeper look at Samsung Display’s upcoming goods and the devices that will use them.

Samsung will demonstrate foldably and sliding OLED displays at SID 2022.

The company’s display division, Samsung Display, just released an official promo film on YouTube, exhibiting a variety of foldable and slidable display prototypes which it is presently developing. 

The business demonstrated prototype foldable, rollable, and slidable screens that might be used on a variety of mobile-cum-tablet devices.

Samsung Display debuted its innovative Slidable Flex display, different from traditional OLED foldable screens. It’s mainly a slidable display, as seen on TCL prototype phones and Xiaomi patents. 

However, Samsung’s version is unusual in that it can slide out in both landscape and vertical orientations, depending on the application. At the 0:29 time in the above video, you can see the Slidable Flex display.

This Slidable Flex display might appear in future Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold smartphones, giving consumers the ability to switch between a taller and wider screen.

Although it is worth noting that this new sort of foldable phone is still in the prototype stage, Samsung may take some time to make it commercially accessible. 

There’s a potential that the business may launch a new product line in addition to the Z-branded foldable.

Aside from that, Samsung demonstrated various multi-foldable products at SID 2022 that have the potential to transform how we use smartphones and tablets entirely. 

In the video above, all of the display prototypes are displayed. So please have a look at them all and let us know what you think in the comments section.