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Skyrim modder devalues Tamriel’s NPCs



Skyrim modder devalues Tamriel's NPCs

Skyrim modder devalues Tamriel’s NPCs: Many pretty affluent individuals reside in the realm of Skyrim. Even though many of them are too unpleasant and snobby to give you a taste of the abundant meals and beverages or a trip in their carriages.

For a long time, being a fierce warrior, an expert thief. Or a magnificent wizard was the only way for you to introduce your Dragonborn into a life of luxury. With your hard-earned talents practically paying the bills.

A Skyrim modder has now modified that, making it feasible for you to work a little bit and realize your ambitions of being wealthy while hanging around at taverns.

Prepare Yourself To Make A Fortune From Lost Pennies

The mod that gives you a chance at the poor man’s version of the American dream is called “JS Misplaced Septims SE” and was created by the prolific modder johnskyrim, who has also brought a craftable Santa hat to the game and had tripwires shoot NPCs into the air.

Now, however, they’ve made use of their modifying abilities to have NPCs sometimes drop little presents for the watchful moocher, with their loaded pockets overflowing upon rising from their seats.

If you’re fortunate, you could find up to three free Septims left behind; if not, nothing. Or if the NPC in question had no money on them, presumably just like you.

Your odds of finding anything valuable, assuming you choose the correct individual for a pocket watch, are roughly ten percent. However, NPCs have a 60% chance of detecting what they’ve dropped and bending down to pick it up. Leaving you with a 40% chance of swooping in and grabbing the cash.

With the help of the video below, you can see the whole system in action:

However, other obstacles prevent you from collecting a golden reward in addition to bad luck. For the Misplaced Septims mod to work as intended, another one called “Spell Perk Item Distributor (SPID)” is essential.

If you want to start earning those coins, be sure you download SPID.
Also, keep an eye out for updates since johnskyrim is willing to change it in the future. So that NPCs drop even more money or other goodies.

Choose your unhappy person, keep an eye on their wallets. And stay tuned to our site for more information on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the bizarre world of Skyrim modding.

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