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Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy Tier List (2022)



Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy Tier List: Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy is the most popular gacha game adapted from the famous animated series Seven Deadly Sins. The game revolves around the demonized angels Lucifer and Maria as they take down their Seven mortal sins.

 While on their journey, they meet a variety of angels and demons who offer assistance to them. Which ones should they choose from the many characters? This is our Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy Tier list, where we’ve put all demons and angels starting from SS Tier to D tier.

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Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy Tier List (2022)

  • Level SS The characters featured in this listing are the best ones with the most impressive performance. Although the demons and angels on this list are incredibly uncommon, they are also too powerful to be overlooked.
  • S Tier While the characters on this list boast fantastic performance, they’re not as powerful as those in the SS level. One bright side to the characters is that they can get them much more quickly than ones from the SS Tier.
  • An A-Tier: These characters offer outstanding performance and are more accessible than in previous levels. Before you can get those rare characters, it is possible to use these characters to continue your journey.
  • B Tier All angels and demons on this list offer average performance. While you could include them in your roster of heroes, they may require upgrading their performance. They can be a great help when you first start the game but could not perform in more challenging battles.
  • C Tier The characters on this list are among the easiest to acquire, but they don’t have the power. They can be used as support characters; however, choosing these characters isn’t the best choice. If you decide to enter the game, ensure that you replace them with either an S or A-tier character.
  • D Tier The characters listed here have the lowest performance. They are not able to defend or harm their foes. They are not an investment you should make.

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All Angels and Demons Ranked


Tier Characters
SS Satan
SS Belial
SS Belphegor
SS Gabriel
SS Demon King of Jealousy Leviathan
S Furka
S Lucifer
S Clarice
S Strass
S Cecilia
S Revolutionary Demon Star Lion
S Beelzebub
S Asmodeus
S Micheal
A Luciana
A Charles
A Hannah
A Nonna
A Garcia Sisters
A Sele
A Punika
A Amber
A Anastasia
A Shalimar
A Ola
A Evelina
A Kay
B Zoe
B Clarice
B Ingri
B Jia
B Elphus
B Jacqueline
B Abelia
C Matina
C Tiara
C Draco
C Svetlana
C Drusilla
D Rufina
D Sylwia

The Tier list of all the characters in Seven Mortal Sins X Easy. If you enjoyed this list, check the other Tier lists and mobile gaming guides at Lazy Boom.


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