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Screenshot Folder Location in Genshin Impact.



Screenshot Folder Location in Genshin Impact

Screenshot Folder Location in Genshin Impact:  The world in Teyvat is as large as it is beautiful, so you’re probably going to spend quite a lot of time snapping pictures of your journey.

 However, getting the screenshot folder’s location in Genshin Impact can be difficult for players playing on PCs. Luckily, we’re here to guide you down the right (File) track.

Where is the Screenshot Folder located, Genshin Impact?

Like many modern video games, Genshin Impact has a photo mode that lets players create photos and edit them using various effects. As we’ve described in our unique guide on the photo mode accessing the way is accessible through the main menu, so if you’re trying to figure out what you can do to view Genshin images, here’s what you should be aware of.

Once you’ve taken a photo, it’s easy to hit “Print Screen” on your keyboard to snap a photo. However, a separate “Take Photo” button can save the pictures to a designated folder on your computer.

What’s the name of the folder? We’ve dug into this game’s File and found their location. The file path is here that you’ll be able to paste into Explorer and search for:

C:Program FilesGenshin ImpressionScreenShot

It is important to note that this method is only applicable if you have installed the game on Your C drive.

 If you have several HDDs and know you have Genshin Impact installed on one, for example, the D drive, you can simply swap the letters of the file paths mentioned above.

How do you screenshot

Taking a screenshot using Genshin Impact is pretty straightforward because there’s a special section in the menu options. Just open Genshin Impact’s main menu by pressing the escape button on your keyboard, go to the “Take Photo button on the top and then press enter to select your camera’s mode.

 You will then be able to select various options to alter and enhance your photo before taking the picture.

If you do not want to go through the process, you can still capture screenshots on your PC using the PrintScreen button on your keyboard. 

It transfers the image to your clipboard, which can later be shared to paint.

This is all you be aware of. The location of your screenshot is located in Genshin Impact.

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