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How to Save in Diablo Immortal?



Save in Diablo Immortal: As you play with Diablo Immortal, you’ll probably want to know how to save to be sure all of your stuff is secure. The issue is that there is no ‘Save Game’ option in any of the menus, whether you’re playing on a PC or an iOS or Android mobile device.

On PC and Mobile, you may save your game in Diablo Immortal.

The good news is that saving in Diablo Immortal happens automatically as you progress toward your goal.

When you see a big ol’ ‘SAVED’ flash on your screen, you know your progress has saved. This only appears after you’ve made progress toward a target that monitor on the left-hand side of the screen, in our experience.

If you alter your gear loadout, equip a new skill, or travel about the environment without seeing the ‘SAVED’ notification next to your goal, your progress will not save, and you will need to continue playing for a while before ending the game.

Is there a way to save manually?

There is no method to save your game manually in Diablo Immortal. Instead, you’ll have to depend on the autosave mentioned above feature to keep track of your progress.

However, if you’re making your way through the goals, this often seems to happen. So rather than depending on your last save, we always advocate pressing on until you receive the on-screen message, mainly if you’ve lately gotten some lovely treasure.

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