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Satya Nadella credits advanced cyber capability for identifying Russian activities against Ukraine



Satya Nadella credits advanced cyber capability for identifying Russian activities against Ukraine

According to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, advanced cyber capabilities helped detect Russian activity on Ukrainian infrastructure well before the strike.

He also claimed that these signals helped the Ukrainian administration significantly, speaking at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting.

“So, for example, in the Ukrainian situation, we were able to see, because of our cyber capacity, because of the billions of signals we saw well before the assault began, the Russian activity on important Ukrainian infrastructure,” the Microsoft CEO added.

“We cooperated with the Ukrainian authorities to relocate and safeguard them in our cloud successfully,” he continued.

“…because we take the position that we will always be available for any of our partners in their time of need. As a result, we’ll utilize our security products and our security signal to guarantee that any organization under assault is protected. We’ll broadcast all of that information to be widely shared, “He went on to say.

According to Nadella, cyber is a location where many stakeholders can work together to enhance all of our organizations’ cyber preparedness.

“It’s going to be crucial, in my opinion. This is happening between governments and commercial companies, as well as between private companies all around the world, “he said

“The important results were that you have numerous cyber actors, supported in this instance by the state, going after the essential infrastructure that may utterly damage the running of a government or the larger society,” Nadella stated when asked about the primary conclusions of the Ukraine investigation.

He also cautioned that the weakest connection might be exploited to strike hard at everything else, which is a problem in the linked world.

“There is no such thing as a system that is isolated. So there’s one weak connection. That is why, even in the United States, we put such a high value on protecting every town and state, since otherwise, an assault may begin in a small area and quickly expand, “he said