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Samsung Launches Pro Endurance MicroSD Card and UFS 4.0 Storage for Future Phones



Samsung Launches Pro Endurance MicroSD Card and UFS 4.0 Storage for Future Phones

Samsung has announced the creation of Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 4.0 as its next-generation storage solution — the successor to the existing UFS 3.1 — to deliver a speedier mobile experience. In this new solution, Samsung’s seventh-generation V-NAND is used. It has a unique controller that allows it to read and write up to 4,200MB per second and 2,800MB per second simultaneously.

The UFS 4.0 storage solution is expected to be on the next generation of 5G phones and foldable, but we don’t know when. As a separate thing, Samsung has brought its Pro Endurance microSD card, which is made for surveillance cameras, dashboard cameras, doorbell cameras, and body cameras.

In a tweet from the Samsung Semiconductor division, they said that the JEDEC board of directors had approved the UFS 4.0 solution. It will go into production in the third quarter of this year.

UFS 4.0 comes in a small package that has a maximum dimension of 11x13x1mm and can store up to 1TB, the company said. In the case of folding things, the small footprint could be beneficial.

Also, the new storage system is said to read 6MB per second in a row at the same time (per mA). According to the company, this one is 46 percent better than the previous generation. This means that more power can be used, it says.

Samsung said that UFS 4.0 could go up to 23.2Gbps per lane, twice as fast as UFS 3.1. It is also said to be the best bandwidth for 5G phones that need to process data.

In the future, the UFS 4.0 storage solution is expected to be used in cars and augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) devices.

As for the new Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip foldable, Samsung is expected to use UFS 4.0 faster than UFS 3.0. They could be called the Galaxy Z Fold 4 or Flip 4 when they come out in the works. They could also be called the Galaxy Z Fold 4 or Flip 4 when they come out. Next year, the Galaxy S-series phones are also likely to have UFS 4.0 storage faster than UFS 3.

Samsung has also announced a new microSD card series called Pro Endurance that can hold up to 256GB. It comes in a range of storage sizes from 32GB to 256GB. Built on the NAND flash memory, it can record for up to 16 years (140,160 hours) without stopping.

Samsung also said that one Pro Endurance card could last as long as up to 33 speed-focused cards, including the Samsung EVO Plus card.

The new microSD card is said to be able to read and write at speeds of up to 100MB per second and 40MB per second. UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) and Video Speed Class 30 (VSC30) are on the list. It is also rated Class 10, with video speed ratings up to UHS Speed Class 3. (V30). This is the best place if you want to store full HD and 4K videos.

When it comes to endurance, the Pro Endurance comes with Samsung’s six-roof durability, which means that it is resistant to water and magnets and X-rays, and extreme temperatures. It is also worn- and drop-proof. But in its fine print, the company also says that it is “not liable for any damages and loss of data.”

32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB are all options for the Samsung Pro Endurance. Prices start at $10.99 (roughly Rs. 800) for the 32GB model and go up to $54.99 (roughly Rs. 4,200) for the 256GB model. It can be bought in stores all over the world.