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Roblox RoVille Codes (May 2022)



Roblox RoVille Codes :  RoVille is among the most played casual Roblox games in which your primary goal is to live your most enjoyable Roblox life. You can play as regular people going about their daily lives or strive to become as powerful as they can be, whether it’s through accumulating fortune and fame or the most friendly neighbor around town.

With our codes for RoVille, you can build up a substantial sum of money to start your second life within the Roblox world. This Cash can use to purchase content in the game to enhance your career or home to propel you to the top of your friends. 

The basic life you begin with will become an era of no more as you build wealth with only a few keys!

When you’re playing with our codes for RoVille, be sure to look through our codes list for other similar Roblox games! 

We have the most current codes that can help you gain more in fun games such as the Funky Friday. Friday Night Bloxxin’, YouTube Life, and High School 2.!

Roblox RoVille Codes

RoVille Codes (Working)

Here’s a glimpse of all the active RoVille codes.

  • 100MVISITS–Redeem for 2k Cash
  • AVERAGE_ROVILLE_ENJOYER–Redeem for 1k Cash

RoVille Codes (Expired)

These RoVille codes are no longer working.


Roblox RoVille Codes

How to Redeem RoVille Codes

To redeem codes for reward points in RoVille is simple.

  1. In the game, click to activate the “S jump button located on the right side of your screen.
  2. In the text box near the bottom of the window, enter the coupon code exactly as it appears on the list above.
  3. Click the Submit button to receive your prize!

How do I obtain more codes from RoVille?

RoVille codes are very rare. The last code offered to the company was December 2021, but it expired shortly after being dropped. So the best method to find the most recent code is to save this site and frequently come to see if new codes have been added.

 This way, you don’t need to keep track of new codes that could never appear.

If you’d like to have the codes available immediately once they release. You can check out the social media accounts of the game’s creator, Team Crystal.

 They have a Twitter page that isn’t in use and never contains the codes they’ve added; however, you can check the discord account to get the most recent updates!

Roblox RoVille Codes

Why can’t my RoVille codes work?

A few RoVille codes have introduced to the game, and the majority of them have expired within a couple of weeks of their launch. If you type in an entry and the game tells you that it’s passed. Inform us so that we can take it off the list!

 If it doesn’t state it’s expire, it could mean there’s a problem with the game.

The most frequent cause of incorrect codes is that they were not entered correctly. 

Please copy and paste the Codes directly from our website into the game instead of manually entering them to avoid this issue. Also, be aware that the codes used in RoVille are case-sensitive!

What is Auroville?

Oroville is a fun life simulation game that lets you play in a community of others Roblox players trying to find their way through the virtual world. You can discover a vast world of custom-designed houses created by people like you to make new friends and relax in the tranquility of suburban life.

 If you’ve long wanted the feeling that you can live an extravagant lifestyle at the top of your game that includes money, fame, power, and prestige!

We’ve got many of them available on our Roblox Game Codes page if you’re searching for codes for other games! Also, you can get lots of free items through the Roblox Promo Codes section.


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