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Roblox Rojutsu Blox Codes (May 2022)



Roblox Rojutsu Blox Codes

Roblox Rojutsu Blox Codes:  Rojutsu Blox is an excellent Roblox Game that Roblox players should play. It is an adaptation of Jujutsu Kaisen anime and features lots of action. However, before you get into combat, it is necessary to improve your character by getting the experience.

 As players accumulate experience, they’ll gain experience and gain new abilities.

For your assistance in your search for Jujutsu Kaisen, Pro Game Guides include many codes available in our Roblox Rojustsu Blox Codes. 

The codes are updated with the most recent levels, XP boosts, Level Ups, and Spins that you can get.

However, before you grab these amazing Rojutsu rewards, Why not look at other great Roblox Anime-inspired content.

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All Rojutsu Blox Codes List Update Sep. 30

Rojutsu Blox Codes (Working)

Here’s a complete list of the current Rojutsu Blox codes.

Prestige Codes [Limit at Prestige 10]

  • !PrestCode1
  • !PrestCode2
  • !PrestCode3

Cursed Color Codes

  • !ReColor4
  • !ReColor5
  • !ReColor6

Regular & Premium Spin Codes

  • There are, at present, no active codes.

EXP Codes

  • There are no active codes.

Stat Reset Codes

  • There are no codes in Use.
  1. Codes
  • There are no active codes.

Rojutsu Blox Codes (Expired)

These Rojutsu Blox codes do not work.

  • ReColor1 Redeem it for an any random cursed color
  • ReColor2 Redeem for an any random cursed color
  • ReColor3Redeem it for random cursed colors
  • EXPCode1 You can redeem for 500K of XP
  • SpinCode4– Redeem for 90 Spins
  • !ResetCode4
  • !PremiumSpin4
  • !Spin4
  • !Spin3
  • !ReBalance2
  • !PremiumSpin2
  • Spin2 Get 45 Spins
  • !ReBalance – Redeem code for 100,000 XP
  • ResetCode2 Use to redeem for Stat Reset
  • ResetCode1 Use to redeem for Stat Reset
  • PremiumSpin1 Redeem to get ten premium spins
  • Spin1 You can redeem 50 Spins
  • MobileFix1 Redeemable for EXP Boost
  • ReKatana Redeem for 10 Premium Spins + +45 Spins, 15 minutes 1.5x EXP
  • BloodCurse You can redeem it for up to 90 spins.
  • Party () Redeem 50 Spins
  • OtherFixes You can redeem for 30 mins 1.5x EXP and 15 Premium Spins

Rojutsu Blox Codes (Expired)

  • !Curtain You can redeem it for 30 Free Spins 5, 5 Premium Spins 10 minutes 1.5x Yen, 5,000EXP and 10,000 Yen
  • Upd3 – Redeem 60 spins, 500 dollars, 50,000 EXP, 30-minutes 1.5x EXP
  • PlantUpdate Get 10 Spins Premium, 30 Spins 10k Yen, 20k Exp
  • GiftsForAll Redeem for 30 Spins, 5 Premium Spins, 10k EXP, 10k Yen
  • new shop You can redeem for five Premium Spins and 30 Spins and 10k Yen
  • !Fix2
  • Prestige – Use this coupon for 60 Spins
  • Unique Redeem code to Level Up
  • !1MVisits – Redeem code for 50 Spins
  • 20K Likes Redeem the code to redeem 45 Spins and 100,000 points
  • !Sorry – Redeem code for spins
  • Rojutsu Redeem codes for 600 Spins or 350K XP
  • 10KLikes: Redeem this code to receive 30 spins
  • Mobile: Use this code to earn 50 percent more XP
  • PopularPage: Redeem this code to receive EXP
  • Update3: Redeem this code to unlock a the Boost
  • MileStone: Redeem this code to Level Up
  • ClapItUp You can redeem this code to level up
  • Appreciation: Redeem this code to upgrade your level
  • EarlyAlpha: You can redeem this code to level up
  • TESTNOJUTSU Redeem this coupon to level up
  • Patches Redeem this code to level up
  • Update 2 Redeem this coupon to level up your game.
  • Friends Use this code to unlock levels.

How can I redeem Rojutsu’s Blox Coupons?

To redeem Rotjusu Blox codes, begin by opening the game. Once you’re in the game, you need to press the button m. The M button will launch the Main Menu, and you’ll be required to select Codes at the bottom of the screen. 

Once you have selected Codes, you can copy and paste or type the codes into the box, after which you hit the confirm button to receive your reward.

Game Description and Updates

  • Curses current in a game:
  • Unlimited
  • Dagger
  • Fist
  • Clap
  • Speech
  • Katana
  • Vessel

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