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Report: Samsung Galaxy Fold 4, Flip 4 to Get RAM Upgrades



Report: Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 Flip 4 to Get RAM Upgrades

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 and Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 are, without a doubt, the most anticipated phones of the year. 

We’ve heard various reports, from design leaks to spec sheet leaks, and the newest one to join this list is information on both of these foldable smartphones’ RAM, which might see some big enhancements. And this may lead to an increase in pricing! The following are the specifics.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 and Flip 4 RAM Specifications Leak

According to SamMobile, the Galaxy Fold 4 will include 1TB of storage, similar to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, released earlier this year. 

This will be a big improvement for people in need of extra capacity, and it will be available alongside the 256GB and 512GB variants. For the Galaxy Fold 3, these two alternatives are already available.

The Galaxy Flip 4, on the other hand, being the higher-end variant, is expected to include 512GB of storage. This will be twice as much capacity as the Galaxy Z Flip 3‘s 256GB variant. The foldable phone is expected to have three storage options: 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB.

Like their predecessors, the Galaxy Fold 4 and Galaxy Flip 4 will not come with memory card functionality. 

An increase in RAM might result in a price rise. While the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s 1TB storage option might cost up to $2,000 (Rs 1,55,000), the Galaxy Flip 3’s 512GB storage option could cost up to $1,100 (Rs 85,400). However, it might still start at $999 (Rs 77,600).

Aside from that, we have information about their design and specifications. Both foldable phones are expected to look similar to their predecessors, with slight differences. 

They could also come with certain hardware improvements. The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 CPU and several camera enhancements, display updates, and improved battery life are all included. Both the inner and outer screens of the Galaxy Fold 4 are likely to offer a 120Hz refresh rate.

However, keep in mind that these are only rumours, and Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything. We’ll have to wait for formal information, which might come in a few months, potentially in August, when the game is anticipated to premiere. We’ll keep you informed when additional information becomes available. So keep an eye on this spot.