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What is the purpose of Fused Leapstones in Lost Ark?



purpose of Fused Leapstones in Lost Ark

 purpose of Fused Leapstones in Lost Ark:  Fused Leapstones can a brand new available consumable in Lost Ark introduced in the update of May. Unfortunately, honing your gear can be a costly procedure in this game because the more advanced your equipment is and the higher level of resources you’ll need to invest into upgrading.

However, Fused Leapstones simply allow you to improve your equipment. Therefore, there is a slim chance of winning. However, you don’t need to purchase Stones or Silver, Gold, Leapstones, or other items. If you’re lucky, you will receive an upgrade for free.

Fused Leapstones are only available to players who reached Item Level 1,415 and above. The stones are given away as a reward from the Demon Beast Commander Valtan. The robust Legion Raid that requires a whole team and lots of coordination.

purpose of Fused Leapstones in Lost Ark

This means that it is likely that you won’t be experiencing these Leapstones shortly.
Utilizing Fused Leapstones also does not contribute to Artisan’s Energy pity system. Which assures you of a guaranteed upgrade if you can make enough attempts.

That means that you can’t use Fused Leapstones to cheese your way to an upgrade guarantee, Unfortunately. Additionally, you can’t use protection materials to boost the chances of an upgrade, which means you have only one case of successfully growing your equipment.

This means it is difficult to usefully Fused Leapstones in upgrading your equipment. Therefore, it is best to view these as a quick attempt to receive a no-cost upgrade to your gear but don’t count on it to be a vast improvement.

The likelihood of upgrading your equipment is as tiny as percent, making it rare that you can be sure that the Fused Leapstones would result in an actual upgrade.

If the upgrade is successful, you’ve made considerable savings in resources.

That’s all you have to be aware of Fused Leapstones in Lost Ark! Join with the Legion Raids and cross your fingers for a good fortune by Lady Luck.