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Players want weaponized blimps and crop dusters in GTA Online



Players want weaponized blimps and crop dusters in GTA Online

Players want weaponized blimps and crop dusters in GTA Online: GTA Online users like a good airplane, whether fast jets or enormous freight planes.

The community has started to ask for more planes to include in the game regularly, possibly because the super-wealthy Los Santos billionaires have run out of other luxuries to spend their hard-earned money on or because flying is the only way to escape the wrath of griefers riding the Oppressor Mark 2.

Whatever the reason, GTA’s local aviation fans have flocked to Reddit to discuss which aircraft they hope will eventually include in the game.

Players from GTA Talk About Their Interesting Plane Aspirations

Please give us a new aircraft now, like an F-14 Tomcat. The first thing a user named InfiniteOscar1 said in the discussion about it on the GTA Online subreddit.

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InfiniteOscar1 reacted to Arttytwigg’s fast accusation. That their request inspire by seeing Top Gun Maverick saying they discovered the aircraft while playing War Thunder.

Players want weaponized blimps and crop dusters in GTA Online

The F-4 Phantom is my favorite fighter plane. Thus, I’d want to see it included in the game.

However, other users swiftly hopped on the bandwagon, with one user. Delta Alpha 777, adding: “no, I want the Sr-71 Blackbird.”

Users Sharp-Glove-3484 and Raghav Verma both proposed the notion of a crop duster that might use as a weapon.

Raghav Verma expanded on this proposal by proposing that the crop duster be “actually invincible, meaning (it) can tank more missiles than a Kosatka and doesn’t explode upon collision/falls.” would be the ideal trolling machine.

Similarly, user MrGigglewiggles proposed the idea of an armed blimp, prompting Zootnoison. A fan of the craft, to respond: “Seven Nation Army begins playing.”

User Mcreesus, who wants to fly something a bit less cumbersome, proposes: “a hang glider that has a rocket and it spins in circles when (the rocket) goes off,” which seems like it might make for some amusing gaming.

Whether you agree or disagree that a zeppelin with an RPG attached would be an excellent addition to GTA Online. Be sure to stick with us for further updates when fresh material, maybe featuring Michael from single-player, is made available.