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How to plant seeds in V Rising



plant seeds in V Rising

plant seeds in V Rising:  You’ll be able to get most of the resources you need early on as a vampire king in V Rising by raiding opposing encampments for their rich goods. However, while that option is available throughout the game, it may get tedious.

This is particularly true if you require resources from the other side of the map. Even more so when attempting to make Hollowfang gear for a dozen enslaved people. So, instead of chasing Cotton Yarn all night, try growing some cotton of your own.

How do you plant seeds?

To do so, choose some seeds from your inventory and place them on your action bar. After that, hit the number for their position, and a plant will appear for you to put just like any other construction.

So long as the seeds planted on grass or garden flooring, you may plant them wherever outside in your zone. Of course, you’ll have to wait a time for the seeds to bear fruit once you’ve grown them, but they’ll continue to do so endlessly.

Where can I buy seeds?

Seeds are a very precious and scarce commodity since they become so helpful late in the game. However, there are a few ways for locating seeds, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Going to the traveling merchants with a stockpile of coins is one technique to ensure that you’ll find seeds. Unfortunately, this may be prohibitively costly, and locating the merchants can be difficult.

Go anywhere a plant grows and pick as much as possible for a more straightforward (and cheaper) approach to getting seeds. Additionally, if the plant produce in specific encampments, the roots may find in containers or boxes across the region.

If you aren’t picky about what you find, you can also discover random seeds by defeating high-level opponents, particularly V Blood targets. This is a considerable risk, just like any other rare drop from these monsters. And isn’t advised if you’re seeking a particular plant.