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OnePlus Nord Buds CE will be released on August 1st



OnePlus Nord Buds CE will be released on August 1st

OnePlus is preparing to launch its newest flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 10T, on August 3rd. However, the business will introduce a new set of TWS earbuds named the OnePlus Nord Buds CE in India before this worldwide launch event.

The manufacturer has informed that the OnePlus Nord Buds CE will debut in India on August 1st. This will be the company’s second set of earphones to bear the Nord moniker.

According to the official teaser, the new Nord Buds CE will lack silicone ear tips and have a semi-in-ear design. The microphone and the stem design are also seen in the teaser.

We’ll get to the sound, battery life, and other specifics later. The pictures show that the Nord Buds CE will have a pebble-shaped casing that can both hold and charge the earbuds.

Even though the Nord Buds CE’s specifications are still unknown, a quiz found at the bottom of the microsite provides us some insight into what to anticipate.

It is anticipated that the OnePlus Nord Buds CE will use 13.4 mm drivers. Due to its innovative closed-tube construction, the bass is up to 8dB louder.

Additionally, the Buds CE will enable rapid charging, Bluetooth 5.2 connection, and a sound master equalization. Additionally, it will be light—less than 10g—in weight.

We advise our readers to take these facts with a grain of salt until they are verified and to check for further information.