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How to obtain Baal/Raiden shogun in Genshin Impact



obtain Baal/Raiden shogun in Genshin Impact:  Genshin Impact‘s most famous characters are The Seven, which consists of Archons who govern all seven countries of Tivat. Inazuma is controlled by the Electro Archon, which was previously filled by a god named Baal. Baal is also call Makoto.

 She was the ruler of Inazuma until she died in the cataclysm that struck 500 years ago.

In the aftermath of the cataclysm, twin sister Beelzebub’s role as her body-double took on that role. 

Electro Archon. But, when Beelzebub — also known as Ei ascended into the heavens. She kept her name Baal to fool Inazuma into believing that she was never killed. 

While in the meantime, I spent most of her time within her Plane of Euthymia, leaving her puppet known as the Raiden Shogun to rule over Inazuma.

In this confounding web of circumstances, the most important thing is that it is impossible to pull for the real Baal (Makoto) of  Genshin Impact, as she has already passed away.

 However, it is feasible to draw for the Raiden Shogun(the puppet controlled by Beelzebub (Ei) whenever she’s on the banner for the event.

How to get Raiden Shogun to play Genshin Impact

You can select Raiden Shogun anytime her banner is up-to-date in the characters event wish. 

Genshin Impact reruns typically happen every 9-10 banners. Still, an expanding number of characters could make this schedule longer, such as Kamisato Ayaka, whose initial release and subsequent reruns were just 13 flags apart.

Raiden Shogun’s Banner History

  • Release September. 1st, 2021 until September. 21 2021.
  • The first run is from March 8, March 8, 2022, to March 29, March 29, 2022.

Based on this timeline, the first-second Rerun of Raiden Shogun expect to fall around October. 4, 2022. But the release of new characters and other reruns that are long overdue could slow the timeline.

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