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Nokia G21 Review: Worth Rs 12,999?



Nokia G21 Review

Nokia G21 Review:  Nokia, the Finnish mobile manufacturer that once dominated the Indian market, is still active and continues to produce handsets. Although few people are aware of it. For example, the Nokia G21, a budget-friendly device from the HMD global-owned brand, just released in India.

The Nokia G21 has a long-lasting battery, a pure Android-like user interface. And other intriguing features, and it costs Rs 12,999 and above in India. What I like and dislike about the Nokia G21 are discussed in this post. Along with whether or not you should pay Rs 12,999 on the device.


With the G21, Nokia kept the design simple. The triple camera module is located in the top-left corner of the rear panel, and the smartphone has flat edges and a patterned back. Nearly all smartphone users like the Nokia G21’s lightweight and straightforward design, making it a popular choice.

The Nokia G21 is a well-designed smartphone, but certain aspects, like the large bezels, the water-drop notch, and the relatively poor build quality, make the device seem cheap.


The Nokia G21’s display is a 6.5-inch screen with a 1,600720 resolution and a refresh rate of 90Hz. The display on the Nokia G21 is clear and vibrant.

For this price level, the color accuracy is excellent, and the smooth 90Hz refresh rate is present. However, because of the lesser resolution of the display, it is not as sharp.

Although you may sometimes notice a slight pixelation owing to the display’s lower resolution, watching movies on YouTube or Netflix is still a pleasant experience on the Nokia G21, thanks to the screen’s brightness and color accuracy.


The Nokia G21 operates as you would expect from a mid-range Android phone. Even though the smartphone’s interface is not as polished as a flagship, it exhibited no evidence of app crashes or delays throughout my short use.

In terms of functionality and user experience, the Nokia G21’s software is the best component. The Nokia G21 delivers a vanilla Android experience with no bloatware applications or pointless permissions.

The smartphone offers a smooth user experience and is simple to set up and operate. Unfortunately, although the program is clear and straightforward, it is out of the current.

It is unknown when the Nokia G21 will get Android 12, which is currently running on Android 11. However, the April 2022 Android security patch, released the same month the smartphone was introduced, served as the most recent security update.

Because there aren’t many activities using up the power, the smartphone’s battery easily lasts more than a day. The Nokia G21 effortlessly lasted just under two days for me on a single charge.

The charging is also functional since it takes the smartphone approximately two hours to charge completely.


A 50-megapixel primary lens, a 2-megapixel depth sensor, and a 2-megapixel macro shooter make up the triple camera system on the Nokia G21’s back camera. Unfortunately, the Nokia G21’s camera performance is quite mediocre.

The camera’s output displays blurry, very low-quality photos. Moreover, the Nokia G21’s camera also suffers in low light situations, making it incredibly challenging to produce a clear, attractive photograph.

This camera uses little to no post-processing, which is fine, but it would be ideal if the picture quality didn’t need any. Instead, it’s a lousy camera. Similar picture quality can also be found in the front camera, which has an 8-megapixel sensor.


Many people would interested in the Nokia G21, a smartphone that starts at Rs 12,999 in India, primarily because of the brand’s sentimental value. However, due to the display’s lack of clarity and color accuracy, the camera’s poor quality, and the other reasons noted above, using this phone was not very enjoyable.

The Nokia G21 currently runs on Android 11 with the April 2022 security patch, which, although one of the cleanest software experiences, makes it difficult to upgrade. The smartphone has a nice appearance and is light. However, the construction does not seem solid.

So, should you buy the Nokia G21 with your Rs 12,990? Given the options on the market, purchasing the Nokia G21 may not be a wise move given the number of better, more modern smartphones available in this price range.

But, on the other hand, Nokia has a lot to consider when giving customers a premium experience without charging a premium price.

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