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New WhatsApp privacy features include Screenshot Blocking, Silent Group Leave, and more



New WhatsApp privacy features include Screenshot Blocking Silent Group Leave and more

In its most recent beta release, WhatsApp has tested various new privacy-focused features, including phone number sharing in WhatsApp groups and login approval.

In the most recent upgrade, the platform even increased the time frame for removing messages for everyone.

Mark Zuckerberg has now revealed that the platform for instant messaging would soon have even more cutting-edge privacy safeguards.

You may use these features to mask your online presence, silently exit WhatsApp groups, and stop some conversations from being screenshotted. So let’s examine these planned features in more detail.

“New privacy features are coming to WhatsApp, including the ability to leave group conversations without informing anyone else, the ability to choose who can see when you’re online, and the ability to stop screenshots from being taken of messages when they are first opened.

In a statement on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said, “We’ll keep developing innovative methods to safeguard your communications and make them as private and secure as face-to-face discussions.

Users will soon be able to leave groups quietly without notifying others or leaving a trace in the chat history.

On view-once communications, users can now avoid screenshots, which is a long-awaited feature.

This much-needed functionality should have been a part of the View Once feature from the beginning.

The last feature is likewise much anticipated. You may decide with whom you want to share your online status.

While the option to hide your online status will be made available in September, it is believed that the ability to leave WhatsApp groups silently will be made available later this month.

It won’t be possible to restrict screenshots for messages until later that Whatsapp hasn’t yet specified.