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Netflix will increase account sharing fees.



Netflix will increase account sharing fees

Streaming video site Netflix says it will keep going with the plan to charge customers who share their Netflix accounts with people who aren’t in the same house more money.

In March, the company started testing the feature in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru. The company says it plans to make the feature available across the world, including the US, in about a year.

Netflix said it would have to keep tweaking the feature for about a year or so to ensure it gets the balance right regarding how much extra it charges people who share their Netflix accounts with people outside their own homes.

This has been in the works for almost two years now, Netflix Chief Product Officer Greg Peters told the website. A little over a year ago, Netflix started doing “light test launches,” which helped Peters figure out how to build the mechanisms that are now in place.

As Peters said, “We just did our first big country tests.” However, it will take a while to figure this out and get that balance right.

If you’re a Netflix subscriber in a few test markets, you can now add “sub-accounts” to your service for people you don’t live with.

Each sub-account will have its profile and personalized recommendations, but it will also have its own Netflix login and password, just like the main account.

This makes them more likely to become well-known members with their accounts. In that case, their viewing history, watch list (called “My List”), and personalized recommendations will move to their account. They will also be able to use their billing information to pay for it.

Earlier, Netflix said this solution does not rely on location-based data, like GPS. Instead, it is leveraging the same information it uses to provide its service today to its end users, including an IP address, device IDs and other information about devices signed into the Netflix account across the household.

Through this method, Netflix can identify persistent sharing taking place outside a household, the report said.