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Netflix introduces the ‘Two Thumbs Up’ feature to enhance recommendations.



Netflix introduces the 'Two Thumbs Up' feature

Netflix has added a new feature called “Two Thumbs Up” to its service for people worldwide. To make the platform’s recommendation section better, this new feature will help.

Netflix will be able to make better suggestions to its customers because of this new feature that lets them do this. There are now two ways to like or dislike (kind of) a title on the platform.

There are thumbs up and thumbs down icons for “Like it” and “Not for me.”

When the “Two Thumbs Up” feature is added, people will say they “loved it.” On the Web, TV, iOS, Android mobile devices, and TV, you can now use this new feature.

It works with the Thumbs Up, and Thumbs Down features, too. It is now available to all Netflix users, the company says.

You can use Netflix’s current thumbs up and down buttons to tell them how you feel about a show or movie, and in return, you get a profile that better fits your tastes.

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However, we’ve come to think that these feelings might be more complicated than a simple “like” or “dislike.” We can make a profile that better fits your needs by giving us another way to tell when you’re really into something.”

In the case of shows like Bridgerton, Netflix will show you more shows and movies by the same or similar director Shondaland if you give them a “Two Thumbs Up.”

On an Android phone, all you have to do is press the title of the feature you want and then click on the three dots next to the title name to get it.

Choose from options like “Two Thumbs Up,” “I like it,” and “DOWNLOAD.” You can also choose “Not For Me.”

Netflix is also trying to make its gaming area bigger for people who haven’t played before. Boss Fight Entertainment, the video streaming service’s third gaming company, was recently bought.

This is the company’s second acquisition of a game development company since March 2022. In the past, Netflix has hired Night School, the person who made Oxenfree and Next Games, to make shows for them.