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Most Profitable Crops in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life



Most Profitable Crops in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

Welcome to a place where patience and strategy lead to great rewards, literally! Choosing suitable crops is the key to being a successful farmer in the game Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. 

This isn’t just a game; it’s an adventure that combines business skills with farming determination as we explore the story of the seasons. From exciting turnips to lovely carrots, farming in this game isn’t just about randomly planting seeds and hoping for a good harvest. 

It’s about understanding the market, weather patterns, and, most importantly, knowing which crops will make you the most money.

Unveiling the Foundations: Best Base Crops

Commencing your agricultural journey with suitable crops is crucial. While base crops might not fetch the highest prices, they lay the groundwork for your farming empire. The following are the top five base crops that serve as the backbone for your initial farming exploits:


    • Crop Value (B): 210G
    • Crop Value (A): 240G
    • Crop Value (S): 270G


    • Crop Value (B): 120G
    • Crop Value (A): 150G
    • Crop Value (S): 180G


    • Crop Value (B): 180G
    • Crop Value (A): 210G
    • Crop Value (S): 240G

Sweet Potato

    • Crop Value (B): 180G
    • Crop Value (A): 210G
    • Crop Value (S): 240G


    • Crop Value (B): 195G
    • Crop Value (A): 225G
    • Crop Value (S): 255G

With their varying quality levels, these base crops form stepping stones towards more lucrative harvests.

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Elevating Profits: Tier 1 Hybrid Crops

As your farming expertise grows, delving into Tier 1 hybrid crops becomes the next logical step. By combining different seeds, you unlock a new realm of possibilities. The following are the top five Tier 1 hybrid crops that promise enhanced market values:

Greentoma (Tomato + Watermelon)

    • Crop Value (B): 470G
    • Crop Value (A): 500G
    • Crop Value (S): 530G

Melosweet (Sweet Potato + Watermelon)

    • Crop Value (B): 600G
    • Crop Value (A): 630G
    • Crop Value (S): 660G

Potamelon (Potato + Melon)

    • Crop Value (B): 590G
    • Crop Value (A): 620G
    • Crop Value (S): 650G

Turmelon (Turnip + Melon)

    • Crop Value (B): 550G
    • Crop Value (A): 580G
    • Crop Value (S): 610G

Watato (Potato + Watermelon)

    • Crop Value (B): 560G
    • Crop Value (A): 590G
    • Crop Value (S): 620G

Strategically choosing and cultivating these Tier 1 hybrid crops can substantially boost your profits, paving the way for even more advanced farming endeavors.

Pinnacle of Profitability: Tier 2 Hybrid Crops

For seasoned farmers aiming for the zenith of profitability, Tier 2 hybrid crops present unparalleled opportunities. Crafting Tier 2 crops requires careful consideration of Tier 1 combinations. 

While we continue to refine our recommendations, a few standout combinations include:

  • Camelo and Pomato
  • Turnmato and Melotoma
  • Orogrange and Papple

These Tier 2 crops are the epitome of excellence in A Wonderful Life, providing the highest returns on your farming investments.


In the game Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, your success depends on the crops you choose to grow. You can start with simple crops or try complex Tier 2 hybrids. 

Each choice will affect your virtual farm’s future. We’ll keep updating our suggestions for Tier 2 crops as we continue playing. 

Check out Gamepur’s complete guide to Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life for more detailed advice.

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