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Monday brings Fortnite Update v21.30.



Monday brings Fortnite Update v21.30

Monday brings Fortnite Update v21.30: The impending v21.30 patch for Fortnite will debut on Monday, July 18, 2022. Much to the astonishment of many players. Expect matching to deactivate one hour before the update, which planned to start at 4:00 ET (09:00 UTC).

The official statement from Fortnite Status’ Twitter account, which focuses on service updates rather than breaking news, is as follows:

Players led to believe that a significant summer update would release on July 19 by rumors, leaks, and historical update timetables. That is only partially accurate, however.

This could have been a consequence of the following announcement, which came just after the early patch reveal:

The first week of August will mark the start of another school year for many gamers, so it will be lucky to have some additional time with a summer Fortnite update.

Monday brings Fortnite Update v21.30

Fans want to know what new stuff will be accessible, and HYPEX. A well-known Fortnite leaker, discovered some intriguing information earlier today. One of their most recent tweets addresses the title of a category for incomplete tasks. Which could connect to a Charlotte skin:

HYPEX also created a lineup of seven different skins that might be appropriate for a summer update using survey data to estimate some other probable cosmetics. Though it hasn’t been formally announced, the summer theme makes perfect sense.

Since HYPEX has repeatedly served as a trustworthy source for new entertainment, fans should undoubtedly value their viewpoint highly. Therefore, you may look at the options here:

The most recent season of Fortnite has been a veritable marathon of new content, with multiple crossover revelations like Indiana Jones and Dragonball Z and significant map modifications brought on by the reality bloom effect.

So be sure to pay attention to what happens next. Then, visit the rest of our extensive news section to learn more about Fortnite and other free-to-play successes!