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What Is Minecraft Brown Bricks Meme?



Minecraft Brown Bricks Meme: From the vintage animated music videos of the 2010s to the rush of weird animations that currently occupy TikTok and YouTube Shorts, Minecraft has had its fair share of memes.

However, one meme has risen to the top of the heap. A video that was deleted from the original channel due to poor reception. “Once it’s posted, it never goes gone,” says the internet’s one rule. Brown Bricks is one of the most renowned Minecraft videos.

Minecraft Brown Bricks Meme Explained

We need to go back to the inception of Youtube to comprehend the Brown Bricks meme. The Angry Video Game Nerd, a single series, conquered the gaming world in 2007-8.

On the channel Cinnemassacare, there was a foul-mouthed geek who loathed ancient video games that he thought were horrible.

Another individual, Mike Matei, was a co-owner of the channel. Mike used the channel and associated website,, to publish some of his films.

On the other hand, Mike evaluated the iOS adaptation of Minecraft during the Peak of Minecraft in 2012. The kicker is that he did it using an animated version of Inspector Gadget that he also voiced.

Mike and Inspector Gadget discuss Minecraft for roughly 2 minutes and 45 seconds in this video. In combination with Mike’s voice for Inspector Gadget and the now-famous term “Minecraft,” Inspector Gadget says Brown Bricks many times throughout the video.

The video then began to worm its way into the viewers’ consciousness.

Mike decided to remove the video from the Cinnemassacare website and the YouTube channel since it didn’t have the intended effect.

The internet, however, does not forget. Reuploads of the video and meme alterations began to surface on the internet. SiivaGunner, a YouTube user, remade the video in two of his videos. Another YouTube user, Chris “OneyNG” O’Neil, mentions the video in his let’s Play.

The Legacy of “Minecraft With Gadget”

Many people think the Brown Bricks video is memorable because of its absurd setup and mannerisms given to Inspector Gadget. While Mike dislikes the video due to its overwhelmingly negative reception upon release, many people think it is memorable because of its absurd setup and mannerisms given to Inspector Gad.

Mike seems fond of the film since it was re-uploaded to the Cinnemassacare Clips channel in May 2020.

Many YouTube commentators call the video “ahead of its time.” Perhaps, given how ridiculous memes have grown.

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