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Microsoft Edge defeats Safari as the Second most Popular Browser Worldwide



Microsoft Edge defeats Safari as the Second most Popular Browser Worldwide. 

For more than a decade, Google Chrome has been the most used internet browser. So what is the second most common internet browser?

Microsoft Edge, to my surprise, is the answer! Microsoft appears to have finally rebounded from the days of having one of the most hated browsers, the now-defunct Internet Explorer, by edging over Safari, Firefox, Opera, and other strange internet browsers out there.

Edge narrowly defeats Safari as the second most used browser, according to figures from StatCounter for March 2022. Microsoft Edge was used by 9.65% of all users, while Safari was used by 9.56%.

Mozilla Firefox was fourth, 7.57 percent, while Opera was third with 2.81 percent. On the other hand, other browsers had a market share of 3.12%.

Google Chrome, as predicted, commanded a massive 67.29 percent of the global market share. Chrome has more market share than all other internet browsers combined, which is insane!

So, what are your thoughts on these figures? Are you a Google Chrome user? In the comments section below, please share your ideas.

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