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Mia Goth is facing a lawsuit for reportedly kicking another actor in the head



Mia Goth is facing a lawsuit for reportedly kicking another actor in the head

Actress Mia Goth, known for her roles in horror films X and Pearl, is sued by an extra, James Hunter.

Hunter filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on January 8, 2024. He claims that while filming their new movie, Maxine, Goth kicked him in the head.

Hunter plays a dead parishioner in a scene where Goth’s character runs past him.

He says that Goth nearly stepped on him during one take and asked the assistant director to tell her to be careful.

However, in the next take, Hunter alleges that Goth deliberately kicked him in the head with her boot.

Hunter says he quickly felt a headache and stiff neck. He told the assistant director but didn’t get medical help.

He also says Goth made fun of him later that day. Hunter left the set feeling dizzy and almost fainted twice.

The next day, he was told he was fired from the movie. Hunter wants compensation for assault, emotional pain, and lost income.

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He’s also suing the director, Ti West, and the production company, A24. Goth still needs to respond to the lawsuit.

The accusations against her are serious, but she’s innocent until proven guilty.

The lawsuit is still new and might be a while before it goes to court.

Also, remember that no one has confirmed Hunter’s claims yet. We only know about the incident from the lawsuit.

We can only say exactly what happened once we have more information.

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