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MediaTek will now produce chips using Intel Foundry’s services



Following the announcements made today by Qualcomm and Amazon, MediaTek has also said that it would collaborate strategically with Intel to produce chips utilizing Intel Foundry Services (IFS).

MediaTek intends to create a more balanced, durable supply chain by bringing on a new foundry partner with sizable capacity in the US and EU.

TSMC presently provides the bulk of MediaTek’s foundry services, but the firm is attempting to diversify its supply chain by boosting manufacturing capacity in the US and Europe. Intel’s IFS is a great option since it has facilities in both places, and the business anticipates long-term collaboration that might entail a range of technologies and applications.

“MediaTek is a tremendous partner for IFS as we begin our next chapter of expansion,” said IFS President Randhir Thakur. “MediaTek is one of the world’s premier fabless chip designers powering over 2 billion devices a year.”

We can assist MediaTek in delivering the next billion connected devices for various applications because we have the ideal mix of cutting-edge process technology and geographically varied capacity.

MediaTek plans to create several CPUs for various smart edge devices using Intel manufacturing techniques. The IFS platform includes high-performing, low-power, and always-on connectivity technologies, ranging from next-generation innovations to production-proven three-dimensional FinFET transistors.

“MediaTek has long pursued a multi-sourcing approach,” said NS Tsai, corporate senior vice president of Platform Technology & Manufacturing Operations at the company.

With Intel, we already have a commercial connection involving 5G data cards, and we have now expanded it to include the production of smart edge devices through Intel Foundry Services.

IFS adds value to MediaTek by pledging significant capacity additions as we work to build a more diverse supply chain.

We look forward to developing long-term cooperation to meet the rapidly expanding demand from clients worldwide for our goods.