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American Billionaire Mark Cuban Says He Only Earn USD 494 in Dogecoin



American Billionaire Mark Cuban Says He Only Earn USD 494 in Dogecoin.

American billionaire Mark Cuban, a high-profile cryptocurrency supporter, has revealed that he owned less than $ 500 (roughly Rs. 37,170) worth of Dogecoin. The billionaire investor and star of Shark Tank had this to say when asked by a Twitter user about Bitcoin and Dogecoin, wanting to know which of the two cryptocurrencies had the most in his investment portfolio.

Cuban has praised the meme-based cryptocurrency in the past as the strongest medium of exchange. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Cuban’s net worth is $ 5.8 billion (approximately Rs 43,120 million).

In a tweet, Cuban said his NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks, owned what he sold in merchandise. “The Mavs have what we sold in merchandise,” he tweeted, adding, “I personally own $ 494 in DOGE.” Cuban’s professional basketball team is one of the leading high-profile organizations that accept the meme-inspired currency as payment for tickets and merchandise.

However, some Twitter users were stunned to learn that Cuban, who had invested in Iron Finance’s Titan token and “hit” when its price plummeted from $ 64 (roughly 4,740 rupees) to almost zero in 24 hours in June. , had invested less in Dogecoin despite publicly supporting it in the past and criticizing Cuban for it.

One user asked the billionaire to stop tweeting about Dogecoin, saying that after its disclosure there was a fear that people could lose money in a price drop.