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Making Sims become Pokemon by a modder



Making Sims become Pokemon by a modder

Making Sims become Pokemon by a modder: A family of Keanu Reeves clones, graduation ceremonies for werewolves, and even a deceased dad who won’t quit making cakes are all in the vanilla versions of the Sims games.

Drug raids are commonplace in once-calm suburban getaways, making life for those eager to embrace the bizarre world of mods even stranger.

However, one recent mod could push things too far; it’s the type of thing that would scare a Sim in high school.

Pikasim! I’ll pretend to be God for you!

“Pokemod By Leljas: Play as Buizel, Floatzel, Shinx, and/or Luxray from Pokemon!” is the name of the mod in question. It, as said, is the creation of modder Leljas, who over the last several years has added a variety of Pokemon to the game.

Using Savestate’s furry mod version 2, Buizel, Floatzel, Shinx, and Luxray have all been transformed into sims. Depending on your perspective, these interesting-looking gentlemen may charm or horrify you.

Despite this, you should at least make an effort to recognize the effort that went into bringing Ash Ketchum’s animal slaves into Samland. Leljas created a ton of unique material to make each Pokesim seem like its inspiration as possible.

Unfortunately, if accuracy is your goal, you’ll have to choose precise physical characteristics while making your sims since differing genders, and body types will impact the final product.

Thanks to his efforts, you may refer to the detailed instructions that Leljas has supplied in the mod’s description if you’re uncertain.

So grab your baseball hat, don your Pokemon-catching gear, and stay tuned for additional Sims updates as a variety of new material becomes available for you to download.