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How to make an easy cobblestone generator in Minecraft



make an easy cobblestone generator in Minecraft

make an easy cobblestone generator in Minecraft:  If you’re playing Minecraft in a Survival world, you already have a limitless supply of Cobblestone bricks. All you have to do now is dig under your feet for Stone blocks that you can break down into Cobblestone.

If you’re playing on a Skyblock server, for example, and there aren’t many resources available, you’ll have to develop some creative methods to get Cobblestone and a Stone Pickaxe. Here’s how to construct a Minecraft cobblestone generator.

Making cobblestone in Minecraft is simple and requires simply digging a hole and filling two buckets, one with lava and the other with water. When you have your buckets, go to the spot where you want to make the Cobblestone and punch out four blocks in a row.

Dig one more block down into one of the inner blocks you’ve dugout.
Place your wager on the end of whatever side you drilled that additional hole down into. It will cascade down into the abyss.

Place your lava on the other side. Cobblestone is formed when lava flows into the falling water. Suppose you change the lava and water placements. In that case, your water will go into the lava source block and make Obsidian instead of Cobblestone, necessitating the use of the second bucket of lava.

After you’ve made your Cobblestone, all you have to do now is take a pickaxe and tear it down, and another will appear in its place. This will provide you with an endless supply of Cobblestone without the need to leave the area and travel underground.