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Best Lost Ark Classes For Beginners



Lost Ark Classes For Beginners: There is no doubt that Lost Ark has already made a successful entry worldwide. This is because players have so many different classes to begin their journey to the game.

While each of the 15 subclasses in Lost Ark has its benefits, some are significantly more difficult to master than others. So, where do you start? Which Lost Ark classes are best for beginners? Let’s find it below:

So, you’ve just started playing Lost Ark for the first time and aren’t sure where to start. A lot is going on, and it’s all trying to get your attention, which is exhausting. But don’t worry. 

EarlyGame is meant to help you figure out which subclass is suitable for you as a new player. We’ve ranked our three favorite starting subclasses below. 

But choose whatever one appeals to you the most. After all, you have to like the character you’re portraying.

Best Lost Ark Classes For Beginners

In Raiders of the Lost Ark, you choose one of five classes, then a subclass. Therefore, we believe just three subcategories are suitable for novices, ranking them accordingly.

Beserker – Warrior

This choice will not surprise DnD enthusiasts. Beserkers are a straightforward class in every game, and Lost Ark is no exception. However, do you merely want to spam basic attack skills? 

Take up the role of the Beserker! Sorry, Beserker mains, that was cruel. It’s not that straightforward. However, spamming attacks for a Beserker will go much better than other classes. 

The only thing new players should keep in mind when facing Beserkers is that they aren’t the toughest Warriors. So keep that health in mind! 

But don’t get too worked up; you’re still buff, and you’re not as squishy as a Mage or anything.

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Sorceress – Mage

In Lost Ark, there are two Mage classes. Bard and Sorceress, and if you’ve ever played a game like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Sorceress is sheer DPS, while Bard is controlled. 

However, DPS builds are frequently easier to understand for inexperienced players. You’re not doing anything complicated. 

Instead, you’re attempting to inflict as much harm as possible. As a Sorceress, the right and wrong mechanical decisions will become more apparent as you progress through the game. 

Of course, the Dodge ability will save your life regularly.

Artillerist – Gunner

In Lost Ark, there are four Gunner classes, which are your ranged options. However, there are some extremely challenging Gunner subclasses. There is also an easier alternative in the form of Artillerist. 

In a nutshell, the Artillerist travels slowly and fires massive weapons at a high rate. You don’t need quick reactions or perfect aim. All you need is a little patience and a massive blaster!

However, this is all about the best Lost Ark Classes For Beginners.

All of these classes are excellent choices to start the game as beginners. If you like this guide, don’t forget to comment below about your gaming experience.

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