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What is “Let Me Solo Her” in Elden Ring?



"Let Me Solo Her" in Elden Ring

“Let Me Solo Her” in Elden Ring: Social media’s popularity has made Elden Ring a popular choice among players, even those who don’t like the genre. Each week, a new milestone achieve by a player.

 It could a speed run that takes less than 8 minutes or a run without hitting a hit. Elden Ring fans are now embracing the phrase “Let me Solo Her,” and you can read on if it’s not clear what it is.

What is the Let Me Solo Her Elden Ring?

Melania Blade of Miquela, one of the most formidable bosses in Elden Ring, is armed with a Katana capable of dealing heavy damage with each swing. If you have any questions, some people can help. 

The legendary player tells you, “Let me color,” and they deliver, even though they wear a minimum of clothing, a helmet jar, and two Katanas. This is a sign of a mad lad, they know. As FromSoftware fans will know, this is a sign that he is a mad lad.

Reddit: By the player. You will amaze at how Melania can defeat once this player appears in the world. It’s not difficult to dodge attacks or land a strike at just the right time. Here it is in action.

This viral video made it possible because this player was always helping others and summoned to assist them in taking down the unbeatable foe. 

It would have taken anywhere from 20-30 attempts to accomplish this feat, but Let Me, Solo, Her does it all in one go.

A few Reddit threads have been posted to confirm this player’s excellence. Some even created Fan Art to support this player.

If you are like me and you’re okay with carried around in fights or watching as someone battles foes. You can go ahead and look for signs after you have used the Furlcalling Finger Remedies. You will see something called “Let Me Solo Her” if you are a stranger in Elden Ring.

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