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Lenovo reveals the Legion Y70 gaming phone’s “superb” cooling system



Lenovo reveals the Legion Y70 gaming phone's "superb" cooling system

The Lenovo Legion Y70 gaming phone’s formal announcement is getting closer and closer. The business has already disclosed information regarding its most recent flagship ahead of the August 18 event. Lenovo is promoting the device further by revealing information on the cooling system of the phone.

The Legion Y70’s vapor chamber is 5,047 square millimeters and is 0.55 millimeters thick. The base has an overall thickness of 0.8mm sans its camera, whereas the profile has a thin consistency.

A protruding 50MP camera with OIS is included in the Legion Y70. The gadget has outstanding cooling thanks to the ten layers of heat-dissipating components and materials.

Additionally, Lenovo is promoting the phone’s superb cooling technology, comparable to a refrigerator.

The Legion Y70, as we all know, is expected to have excellent gaming capabilities, but it also has a stylish appearance that will appeal to most customers.

Although the lack of shoulder triggers and a user interface (UI) designed explicitly for gaming, the phone is well-suited for gaming thanks to its Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC, 16GB of RAM, and 68W fast charging capabilities.

The device’s superior cooling system also helps to make it a worthwhile investment. As the Lenovo Legion Y70’s formal debut draws near, more information will become available.