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Kingdom: The Blood Features 16th-Century Zombies



Kingdom: The Blood Features 16th-Century Zombies

Kingdom: The Blood Features 16th-Century Zombies: Kingdom: The Blood, a forthcoming video game inspired by the South Korean Netflix series Kingdom, was unveiled today. Even the gameplay with zombies examine.

 A zombie outbreak in 16th-century Korea is the subject of the historical piece and horror film Kingdom.

Action Square is a well-known South Korean mobile game company that created Kingdom: The Blood. There is a lot to appreciate here for fans of Nioh and Ghost of Tsushima.

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The developer revealed the following in a press statement for people who are curious about how the fighting will feel:

Kingdom: The Blood recreates characters and zombies while staying loyal to the popular Netflix series.

And violent action from the program in top-notch 3D visuals. The way that Korean culture see

The most incredible attention to detail in gameplay and design. A motion capture camera use to capture

A skilled Korean sword dancer can accurately portray lethal Korean warfare.

Empire: The Blood seems to be a hybrid of single-player and multiplayer. According to the press announcement, the game will include “intense PvP action” and “a narrative mode that mirrors the Netflix drama.”

The game “will debut on mobile and PC for worldwide audiences,” however, no release date is specified.

One has plenty of time to consume the program before the game launches since there are presently 12 episodes plus a special for Kingdom.

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