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Keanu Reeves clone player’s family had a baby.



Keanu Reeves clone player's family had a baby

Keanu Reeves clone player’s family had a baby: Inevitably, recreations of you and everyone you know swiftly give way to more intriguing interpretations of urban domesticity in some of the Sims players’ personas.

If you have the creativity, you can create anything from a picture-perfect reproduction of the Love Island home to werewolf graduation ceremonies or a simulation that looks like Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

In the instance of one player, the recent inventions that sprung from their mind could imply a little too much adoration for Cyberpunk 2077 or The Matrix films. So say hi to Keanu Reeves, the complete family.

Sims Player Consumes Too Many Red and Blue Pills

Recent threads in the Reddit community r/thesims have discussed the exploits of this unusual family.

The first thread started with a post from user sand snake. Who uploaded a screenshot of a notification revealing that one Keanu had gotten another pregnant and captioned it.

“I downloaded a household from the gallery that eight identically dress sims of Keanu Reeves. After that, I placed them in an arbitrary home in my current save.

Keanu Reeves clone player’s family had a baby

The Sims community responded to this intriguing turn of events with surprise. With user girlhelpimdying asking: “Is it masturbation or incest?” and explaining it by stating, “He is so flawless that he only breeds with himself,” is SnooHamsters5667.

User LilRustique then requested that the infant give the name Reanu Keeves, prompting sand snake to respond, “I believe I just may. Regardless of gender.

Since sand snake published another post to herald the healthy arrival of little Reanu Keeves. This modest desire has now come true.

The article included pictures of Reanu’s future appearance as she develops during a sim’s life cycle.

No information has released about how prepared the Keanu’s are for parenting. But perhaps they have made at least one trip to IKEA’s bay area.

No matter how successful you believe, the Reeves will in achieving the domestic idyll. Be sure to follow us for more Sims updates as soon as new material release. In addition, we have a complete ranking of every Sims 4 kit and some Sims hacks for you.

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