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Kanye West Didn’t Want to Wait for Jay-Z Verse for City of Gods



Kanye West Didn’t Want to Wait for Jay-Z Verse for City of Gods.

Kanye West is one of the best-known rappers in the country, thanks to his mega-hit City of Gods. However, fans must have observed that Jay-Z and Kanye West’s camaraderie expands.

But Kanye West became too impatient to invite Jay-Z to his song “City Of Gods.”

On the song “City Of Gods,” Kanye West, Fivio Foreign, and Alicia Keys moaned. The song is an ode to New York City, and the three musicians cooperated on a drill banger that is still going strong in hip-hop.

It’s a piece of music that has gained a lot of attention. Now that Fivio has established herself as a superstar in her own right, it’s only natural that she wanted to reveal some interesting aspects of the song’s creation.

Fivio was a guest on Brian “B. Dot” Miller’s Complex Brackets, where he detailed one of Kanye’s wishes for the track.

According to Fivio, the initial concept was for Jay-Z to appear in the song. Still, Kanye got impatient and believed it would be better to release the music with just him, Fivio, and Keys.

“He had the bones of it. He had the groove, and Ye was like, ‘Hey, this shit is so great. We’ll put Hov on this and we’ll go crazy. He says, ‘Hey, I will have Alicia Keys sing it.’ But he wanted it so soon. It’s like, ‘Yo, and I’m just going to do a verse. So she did the verse, she put Alicia Keys on it, she ate that shit. She was different.

This disclosure will undoubtedly upset hip-hop fans, but there’s always the prospect of a future remix.

Also, fans would have seen Jay-Z on stage if Kanye hadn’t been impatient at the time. For more updates, stay connected to Thirsty.

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