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Jameela Jamil criticizes Kim Kardashian for her comments on work ethics



Jameela Jamil criticizes Kim Kardashian for her comments on work ethics.

Kim Kardashian has been chastised for recent contentious remarks concerning work ethics. Her former unpaid intern soon contacted Kim. Jameela Jamil has now fired a shot at Kim.

Jameela chastised Kim Kardashian for encouraging people with less privileged families to relocate and work.

“I think no one needs to hear your ideas on success/work ethic if you grew up in Beverly Hills with highly successful parents in what was simply a smaller house… No one needs to hear your thoughts on success/work ethic,” she wrote on Twitter.

“These same 24 hours in the day are a nightmare,” Jameela continued, “since 99.9% of the globe grew up with 24 VERY different hours.”

The outspoken actress then continued her rant on the wealthy family on Instagram.

“They should not be asked what the secret to success is,” Jameela wrote. “They shouldn’t answer those queries,” he added.

It’s all evident to everyone, and I hope no one holds themselves to the standards of millionaires’ children.”

The self-described “feminist in progress” has previously expressed her dissatisfaction with the Kardashian-Jenner family.

He has publicly chastised them in recent years for promoting unrealistic physique standards.

In addition, he has chastised the famous family for being secretive about their surgery procedures and endorsing possibly deadly “diet” goods.

“Take the money, spend it for good, and relax when you lecture others about the grind and the hustle and bustle,” Jameela finished her recent social media outburst.

Also, learn to brag without dismissing those who have less.” Unfortunately, Kim has yet to respond to the criticism.

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