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IRCTC’s Kashmir package includes Gulmarg Sonmarg and Srinagar.



IRCTC's Kashmir package includes Gulmarg Sonmarg and Srinagar

IRCTC’s Kashmir package includes Gulmarg Sonmarg and Srinagar: Kashmir, renowned as the earth’s paradise, draws travelers all year. During the summer and the rainy season, many people plan trips to Kashmir.

You may enjoy the delightful pleasure of delicately skimming over the lovely Dal Lake in the gorgeous Kashmir valley, adorned with magnificent Chinar trees.

For those who wish to explore the breathtaking grandeur of Jammu and Kashmir, the IRCTC has unveiled an attractive package.

Kashmir trip package from IRCTC

For those who desire to visit Kashmir, IRCTC has made a special package available on its website. Gulmarg, Sonmarg, and Srinagar, three of Kashmir’s most picturesque locations, included in the box.

The trip package includes hotel accommodations for travelers and lasts for three days and four nights. The Kashmir tour package will begin on July 2, according to IRCTC.

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The trip package’s price

The Kashmir vacation package offered by IRCTC is quite affordable. For one traveler, the trip package costs Rs 35,000. The price is Rs 27,000 per person for double occupancy.

You must spend Rs 26,455 per person if you are making the journey with your family, and there are three of you in total. Children will be charged separately. You may go to the IRCTC’s official website for further details.

With the IRCTC’s trip package, explore India’s very own Swiss Alps.

The most well-known tourist destinations in Kashmir are Gulmarg, Sonmarg, and Srinagar. Additionally, Kashmir is hard to top for charm in the summer months of July and August.

You may appreciate the unexpected showers and dazzling brightness since the weather is not too severe. While Sonmarg is an excellent place to go on a day trip, Gulmarg is enchanted with breathtaking views.`Q1

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