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Hypercharge Unboxed creator tired with nasty supporters



Hypercharge Unboxed creator tired with nasty supporters

Hypercharge Unboxed creator tired with nasty supporters: Only the bold dare embark on the challenging route of becoming an independent developer. Unfortunately, several things may go wrong, including competition, locating resources, and natural growth.

However, it gets much more difficult when you’re attempting to communicate with a group of people who don’t always like the game.

Hypercharge Unboxed recently stated on its official Twitter in response to the toxic behavior. It has seeing from players and other users online.

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Joe, who pinned the letter and is in charge of all marketing, claims. That the group has subjected to criticism over the game’s perspective for future release on Xbox.

While they have spoken with Xbox, according to Joe, they cannot provide a release date. He also says that while Xbox has been nothing but helpful. It will take time for the game to appear on Xbox.

The negative feedback the developers get from players won’t speed up the game’s development. And can even slow it down because of the emotional stress it places on the creators.

Joe continued to voice his displeasure with the toxicity in a discussion that started after the first comment. In a brief video message. He claims that applying this absurd amount of pressure to the devs would not lead to a game release any sooner.

He even goes so far as to suggest that the Hypercharge team doesn’t want any fans that put that type of pressure on the developers.

Joe explicitly states in the video that it has sometimes been challenging to work on the game due to the ongoing hostility. Despite this, he and the team are grateful for the support from true gaming enthusiasts.

However, individuals putting pressure on the Hypercharge team are unwelcome and harm the game they desperately want to deliver.

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