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How to obtain the Super Suit in Super Mario RPG



How to obtain the Super Suit in Super Mario RPG

This particular device can significantly increase your gaming abilities and make you unbeatable. However, getting it is challenging and needs more than fast gaming skills. 

Let’s guide you on getting this Super Suit, which will impress your gamer friends.

Where to Find the Super Suit

In the small town of Monstro, the brilliant Chow holds the special Super Suit. But, getting this valuable item can be challenging. 

Mario has to show his skills by doing 100 Super Jumps in a row on an enemy. The Super Jump, an extraordinary move only Mario can do, is available at level 6. 

Go into the center of Monstro Town, talk to Chow, and show Mario’s Super Jump skills to get the Super Suit.

Expert Tip: Mastering the Super Jumps

Getting 100 Super Jumps in a row can be challenging. But we suggest you practice on Spikey enemies. 

Jump attacks can’t hurt them, so they’re perfect for practice. This will make getting to 100 Super Jumps easier. 

It’s better than trying it in a boss fight.

The Rewards: Unveiling the Super Suit

The Super Suit is a robust jacket that makes the wearer very strong. It increases physical and magical attack and defense by 50 points. 

It also boosts the wearer’s speed by 30 points. Plus, it protects the wearer from harmful status effects and elemental attacks.

Unique Characteristics

The Super Suit is unique and the only one in the game, making it invaluable. You can sell it for 350 coins, but it’s more valuable when worn by any character in Mario’s team, like Peach, Bowser, Mallow, and Geno.

Beyond the Super Suit: The Attack Scarf

Interestingly, if Mario completes 30 Super Jumps in a row, he gets the Attack Scarf from Chow. This accessory boosts Mario’s abilities, giving players more strategy options.


The Super Suit in Super Mario RPG is more than just an item; it’s a game-changer. It boosts attack, defense, and speed, making it a must-have for Mario’s journey. 

With this guide, you can head to Monstro Town, improve your Super Jump skills, and get the Super Suit to enhance your game. Remember, strategy and persistence are crucial to use the Super Suit fully. 

Now, go and explore Mario’s world in a new way!


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