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How to obtain Flame Heart in Fae Farm



Obtain Flame Heart in Fae Farm

Fae Farm is a fascinating game with exciting missions and unique items for adventurous players. One particular item is the Flame Heart, a powerful game booster. 

But how do you get this valuable item? Let’s explore magical forests and dangerous landscapes to find this fiery prize.

Cultivating Flame Hearts: The Essential Steps

To embark on the journey of obtaining flame hearts, follow these meticulous steps:

  1. Create Fae Soil Beds: Craft and strategically place ten fae soil beds on your main farm. Alternatively, regular soil beds within the Fae realm can be used.
  2. Plant and Water Cauliflowers: Plant 10 cauliflowers in the prepared fae soil beds and diligently water them.
  3. Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer: Apply magic crop swap fertilizer to each cauliflower, triggering the transformation into Flammo’s favorite snack.
  4. Patience and Care: Water the crops consistently over several days, nurturing them until they reach full maturity.

If players carefully follow these steps, they can likely collect five flame hearts. Planting ten cauliflowers may seem too much, but the unpredictable fertilizer makes this careful plan necessary. 

The total cost, including 560 Florins for seeds and fertilizer, guarantees a rich harvest.

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Choosing the Fae Realm Advantage

It is advised to choose to grow flame hearts in the Fae realm because it uses fewer resources. 

But if you decide to grow them in the human realm, remember to collect plenty of leaves from Spriggans in your Fae farm’s barn. These leaves are essential for making the Fae soil bed.

Conclusion: Mastering Flame Hearts and Beyond

Learn how to grow flame hearts with our expert advice. Check out our other Fae Farm guides for tips on improving your animals’ looks, using your tools effectively, and getting clover feed. 

Visit our Guides and Fae Farm page for more articles to help with your Fae Farm game. Use our detailed guide to make your Fae Farm journey smooth and rewarding.

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